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Which one of these devices can be uses to output data?
• Keyboard
ear phone
• scanner
• mouse

which one of the following statements about the use of teleworking is true ?
• Requires less use of communications equipment.
• Increases commuting costs.
Less emphasis on teamwork .
• Reduces flexibility of working hours

CBT has been used for on-line learning CBT stand for ?
• Computer based technology.
Computer based training
• Computer based teaching
• Computer based text books

A megabytes is approximately.
• A hundred bytes
• A thousand bytes
A million bytes
• A billion bytes

Which one of the following enables a computer to run application?
• Microsoft word
Windows xp
• Access
• Internet explorer

Which one of the following statements is true about RAM ( random-access memory )
• Ram is used to temporarily store data that is being processed

Which one of these type of storage disks can save the amount large of data?
• Zip disk
• Floppy diskelte

which one of the following statements about ………………………………
• A security policy protract
• Employees from lawsuits and bankruptcy
The employee’s confidential information المعلومات السرية للموظفين
• The company’s revenue

Drag the statement that best describes the internet into the box .

الكبلات و اتصالات الاقمار الصناعية تربط انظمة الكمبيوتر حول العالم

Which one of these is computer hardware?
• An e-mail message.
• A database.
A monitor
• An internet browser

Which one of these is computer types is the least powerful?
• Laptop computer.
• Personal digital assistant (PDA)
• Personal computer
• Network computer

EFT is commonly used payment method for E-commerce EST stands for ?
• Economic finance transit.
Economic funds transfer تحويل الاموال الكترونيا
• E-mail finance transport.
• E-commerce fund transit

Which two of the following statements are good anti-virus practices?
• Opening unknown e-mail attachments.
• Installing software from unknown internet sites
Deleting e-mail from unknown source
• Scheduling virus checks to run once a day

• Updating anti-virus software once a year

Which one of the following secure password?
• Your name.
• Your telephone number
• A word with both alpha and numeric characters
• A word with alpha characters only

Which one of the following statements about purchasing online is true ?
• You don’t need internet access
• Only business customers can shop safely online
• Customers can purchase goods from anywhere in the world
• Consumer rights are those that apply in your own country

The term GUI stands for اختصار الى ?
• Graphic user interchange
Graphical user interface واجهة الرقائق الرسومية
• Graphical uniform infrastructure
• Graphical uniform images
Which one of the following noticeably affects a computer’s performance?
• Modifying the screen resolution to 640 × 480
• The number of printers installed on the computer
• The number of applications running .
• Modifying the brightness of your monitor.

Which one of the following traditional bonting on ………………….
• Checking an account
• Opening a new account
• Depositing a cheque
• Transferring funds
• Applying for loans

Which one of the following helps to create a good working environment for computer users ?
• Positioning monitors above eye level.
• Using energy efficient lighting
• Sitting one arms length from the monitor
• Sitting with your legs crossed at the knee

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